The Birth Map

The essential working tool of the astrologer is a map of the solar system. In accordance with the principle "As above, so below" the map may be read as an image of consciousness. The subject is at the centre.

When we look out at the solar system we see the planets bearing the names of gods, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter. when we set out to read our own map of the solar system, we recognise the gods in us.

In the birth chart, each of the planets of our solar system signifies both the archetype and the subjective experience of a particular type of energy. The purity of this energy is signified by the traditional association of the heavenly bodies with music.

The music of the spheres

The renaissance scholar, Marsilio Ficino, knew of seven heavenly bodies in our solar system, the Sun, the Moon and five planets. They were thought to rotate on crystalline spheres. As they did, so each sounded a note in the octave.

Astrologically, Ficino looked for the note of each planet to resonate in its place in his subject's personality, in accordance with the pattern of their birth chart. The contemporary astrologer follows Ficino in working with the subject to identify the ways in which each planet resonates in the life of the individual. The purpose of this is to help the person to develop his or her own creative energy in a way that reflects their complete birth chart.

The planetary rainbow

It is said, that, prior to birth, the soul descends through seven levels and, at each level, takes on a colour. The astrologer works with time in the chart by turning the map and comparing the turned map with the birth map. In the turning the planetary colours are combined.

Just as the turning of colours on a wheel produces clear white, so our response to the turning of our life map through time calls for a complete integration of our natal energies in response. We are invited to engage with life consciously and completely without colour or distortion.