“As above so below”

The birth chart is a mirror to our mind, just as the world is the mirror of our inner experience. When we look in either we find ourselves.

Chiron represents an astrological image of wholeness. His principle is experienced in three quite distinct ways:

All too often, and particularly in our experience of schooling, we experience not being listened to, not affirmed, not being free to explore or make our own way. We are measured against standards that were not designed to appraise our gifts. We find ourselves judged and dissociated from our feelings. Not knowing how we really feel we lose energy and sense of self and therefore self esteem. Too much of this experience converts our experience of Chiron into a void.

Shifting into a positive relationship with Chiron in the three key areas of making whole, honouring our physical nature and recovering our natural learning process, shifts us into a positive relationship with Chiron. We are reminded of our innate completeness and able to move into respectful and appreciative relationships with ourselves, the human family and the natural world.

Such relationships were the natural state and value set of many native peoples. Their values and skills are now being recovered and preserved, as well as being combined with new advances in areas such as learning theory and brain science. By re examining the birth chart from a Chironian perspective we can build a fresh picture of ourselves and our world.