To book a consultation, please use the contact form. Please tell me your name and the date, time and place where you were born.

Where do consultations take place?

I prefer to meet people and welcome them to my home in Edinburgh. However, these days it is possible to hold a consultation anywhere in the world using Skype or Facetime. Appointments must take account of my time zone in the UK.

How long does it take?

A consultation can be as long or as short as you want. A full consultation covering the birth chart, progressions and transits will usually need two sessions of about an hour and a half each. If two sessions are booked together for this purpose I can offer a discounted rate of £100.

A lot of information can be covered in a shorter time. Time can be booked at £25 per half hour.

Fees and payments

I ask for a deposit of £25 for all appointments. This can be paid by cheque or Paypal. Payment must clear before the appointment can be confirmed. For face to face appointments the balance in cash can be paid when we meet.

I am willing to offer a discount for members of Edinburgh LETS.

What do the fees cover?

You will get a full colour chart A4 size, a digital recording of the full conversation (by email or on CD), a discussion of every element of your chart, the chance to discuss life events, current concerns and to ask questions. Astrology can help us understand ourselves, our relationships and our skills and potentials. I make every endeavour to respond to all questions and concerns fully within the time available. For more on consultations please see below.

More on Consultations

Astrology is a fascinating subject in itself, but it really comes alive for us when we begin to explore it in relation to our own lives. We are potentially sparks of consciousness within the whole field of existence and our outer world mirrors our inner world to a greater extent than many of us suspect. The classical astrologers had a saying “as above, so below” meaning that our earthly lives are mirrored in the stars.

We can use the birth chart as if it were a mirror, to see ourselves and our lives more fully and objectively than would otherwise be possible.

The word chart is an old fashioned name for a map. Like a map the chart is a compact symbol with which we can build up a picture of the countryside. The consultation is designed to take the client on a learning journey through their inner landscape. My approach is informed by appreciative and self-reflective inquiry. The focus is on the positive. The astrologer and client set out together in an equal partnership.

We work from the premise that, however many other questions or concerns the client may bring, (and these will all be considered) their basic inquiry concerns the fundamental questions:

Some people like to visit their astrologer every so often for a review. After a year or two the planets will have moved by transit and progression. In life the client’s situation will have changed one way or another. They may have taken important actions on the basis of the initial consultation. A follow up consultation is a way of keeping the picture focused and up to date. Usually this can be accomplished in a single session.