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Forthcoming Talk

30 January 2013: Into the labyrinth

The labyrinth has been called “the City of Turns”. When we enter we move, not in the straight line of “left brain” upward progress but twisting and turning, now towards the light and now away from it, in a “right brain” Celtic, sinuous pattern. Labyrinths are many and varied. Can we also see them as a metaphor for life experience, an image of human evolution, the pattern of the way we learn, the movements of the planets? Come along and find out, setting aside the realm of certainty and be prepared for a journey into the unknown.

Venue: The Theosophical Society, 28 Great King Street, Edinburgh

This talk is part of the Scottish Astrological Association programme.

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Below is information about some previous courses.

Evening Class: Elements, Qualities, Signs and Planets

The four elements of fire, air, water and earth, combined with the three qualities, fixed, cardinal and mutable, together give us a sense of the meaning of the signs of the zodiac.

The section on planets will include the asteroids Ceres, Pallas, Vesta and Juno and the planetoid Chiron.


  1. Introduction
  2. Elements
  3. Qualities
  4. The solar hero - Sun & Mars
  5. The Mothers - Moon, Ceres, Pluto
  6. The Fathers - Saturn, Father Time & Jupiter, Father Christmas and his wife Juno
  7. The Mind - Mercury
  8. More about the mind - Chiron, Pallas and Uranus
  9. All about the girl - Venus, Neptune and Vesta
  10. Celebration

This course is part of the Edinburgh City Council Adult Education programme.

Click here for full course details on City of Edinburgh Council Adult Education site

To register by 'phone:

This course will start on Tuesday 25th September 2007, 7 - 9 pm and run for 10 sessions, with a 1 week break in October.

At Boroughmuir High School, Viewforth, Edinburgh (map here).

1 Day Astrology Workshop

Working with the birth chart to explore the dynamics of human personality and links to psychological types.

This course will introduce newcomers to the four elements and their links to psychological profiling from Galen to Belbin and from shamanism to Myers Briggs. Energies and responses will be explored via the qualities. There will be an overview of chart structure and an introduction to working with the ephemeris. Although this course will not cover all the planets we will look at some major planetary cycles.

This course is part of the Edinburgh City Council Adult Education programme

Click here for full course details on City of Edinburgh Council Adult Education site

To register by 'phone:

This course will be held on Sunday 11th November 2007.

At Broughton School, Edinburgh (map here)

1 day climate change workshop

This is a workshop that enables people to take time out to reflect on our personal values and how these connect to the climate change debate. So much media coverage of climate change concerns the science and the things we are told that we ought to do. But many of the media messages are confusing. Is climate change real or do the sceptics have a point? Why the fuss about the small things we should do as individuals, when governments so often seem to be making things worse, not better? Then again isn't climate change simply the greatest challenge to the values of the western world that there has ever been?

At a symbolic level, seeking meaning, clarifying our values and acknowledging our emotions are all activities that honour the water element. This event will offer a space for the missing water in the climate change debate. In the course of the day we will explore what it is that human beings need for their development? What are our core human values? How do they relate to what we know about the economy? Against this background what does sustainable development mean for us?

By making space for reflection and sharing, we can gain greater clarity and coherence of values, feelings and priorities. The event is potentially a precursor to action and participants may be moved to take action individually or collectively as a result of this event.

What better way then to cool down our overheated planet than by spending time with water!

This course will be held on Sunday 14th October 2007

At The Salisbury Centre, 2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh

Cost to participants:

Bookings via The Salisbury Centre

Telephone: 0131 667 5438